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Goldberry Deep Cleansing Oil & ...

GOLDBERRY DEEP CLEANSING OIL & WHITENINGFacial cleansing oil that gently remove dirt, make up and excess oil. Contain with Jojoba Oil, pearl Liquid, Phytosqualane, Mulberry Extract. Bisabolol and Active Vit E leaves your skin smooth, soft, clear, moisture and healthy look.Formulated From JapanNet Wt. 140 ml.

650 ฿

Goldberry Miracle Cleansing Wa ...

GOLDBERRY MIRACLE CLEANSING WATERA gentle water-based cleanser superbly removes eyes, lip or total face make-up. It is an extraordinary blend of active ingredients to effectively removes even long-wearing makeup, waterproof mascara by Non-irritating, Non-stinging. Maintain skin's moisturizer. Leave skin feeling supple and smooth.Formulated From JapanNet Wt. 145 ml.  4.90 Fl.Oz.

450 ฿