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Goldberry is created by Japanese researcher named Mr. Yuji Takei,an Executive Research & Development Manager from Arie Cosmetic Corporation Group, a group of leading cosmetic manufacturer in Japan, located at shizuoka which is the symbolic city of Mount Fuji.
Goldberry is developed by high modern technology and advanced innovation with fine combination of 4 Gemstones power under the concept of

  • Ruby (Red Gemstone) : Benefit for stimulating blood circulation into skin for brightening and healthy look skin

  • Tourmaline (Pink Gemstone) : Benefit for rejuvenating dark skin for white radiance leaving glowing bright skin

  • Amethyst (Purple Gemstone) Benefit to resist tension giving refreshment and relaxation

  • Sapphire (Blue Gemstone) : Benefit to prevent and treat sensitive and allergic skin

    “Creating you the prominent beauty in every dimension”
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